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More than 30 years developing expansion ideas


MKM was founded in 1987 as a small company distributing binding systems in the province of Navarra.

In the 1990s, as a result of the alliances established with the leading brands of post-printing graphic machinery, MKM positioned itself prominently as a distributor of these machines in the Spanish market. As a result, MKM increased the sale of consumables, complementing the supply associated with the equipment.

At the same time, the commercial action was extended to different continents offering the graphic sector the best solutions while the company was acquiring knowledge and technological development.


Coinciding with the turn of the century MKM inaugurated its extrusion plant in Noain (Navarra) for the manufacture of plastic coils and spirals, responding to an unmet demand in the document handling sector.

To tackle this new challenge we established an alliance with the Canadian company Gateway-Plastikoil, an agreement that is still in force and which places us as the European company with the greatest experience in plastic spiral binding and with the largest export volume of machinery and consumables to the European continent and North Africa.

MKM is characterised by accepting the challenges that accompany the passage of time and facing them with effort, humility, honesty, respect and commitment.

We fulfil our mission.

Based on this attitude we can state with satisfaction that

We develop effective ideas and solutions for the handling andpresentation of the printed document.

Aligned with our vision.

And as a result of our commitment we are a company in development where we like to Work

With innovative solutions for a circular economy, for bookbinding professionals on the European market.

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New times

Currently, MKM has planned a transformation process that involves a project to improve the production process. At the same time, it is trying to reinforce the concept of circular economy, as well as the recycling of PVC waste generated in the manufacturing process.

This project, to be developed in 2022, called MKM ECOGREEN, aims to reduce the generation of plastic waste to 0%.

In a second phase, we have added a work plan to our roadmap that includes the

MKM and the future

We are aware that the recovery of plastic and its reuse is of vital importance for environmental sustainability as it impacts on the entire life cycle.

From the extraction of raw materials, to their processing, handling, transport and end of life of plastic products, and with the relevance of offering alternatives to the disposal of polluting products.


Based on the constancy of the role that companies play in society, at MKM we want to promote our VALUES:

  • We work in constant evolution to achieve the future we set ourselves.
  • We commit ourselves to meet all our challenges with commitment.
  • We value personal effort and support ideas for continuous improvement at all times.
  • We behave with respect and trust for each other.

ceo MKM

Since the origins of MKM in 1987, I considered that, by specialising our company, we could offer the market and our customers added value to the product.

During all these years we have incorporated the best manufacturers, the most versatile machines for each workspace and its needs, always guaranteeing the quality and attention.

Thanks to the trust that our clients and friends have placed in us, we have reached a level that has far exceeded the best of our objectives.

I wish to move forward together with you into the future to look for new projects and opportunities that will strengthen our companies within a circular economy that will make us all more professional.

Mikel Aizcorbe. CEO MKM

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